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XSnoise is where I write about my music industry discoveries and experiences.

There are so many exciting and interesting opportunities out there for musicians and anyone interested in music technology that I wanted to share these discoveries in the hope that it helps you with your musical journey..

My music story started when I first toured Australia full time straight out of high school and the music adventure has never stopped.

I hope you find the articles useful and please feel free to visit if you would like to check out so music.

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Just back from a tour of Germany . We spent 24 days touring, performing and experiencing Europe. We met awesome people, amazing countryside and to make it even better performed at some unique and interesting venues.

Christopher Richter

Latest Update, 15 September 2017

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Many musicians NEED a steady consistent income while they build their music career. This program will get you on the road to earning extra income each week from the skills you already have.

Five Australian musicians tour Germany

What started as a dream is about to become reality for seven Australian musicians as they descend on Germany for the Joey’s Oz Music World Tour. The tour is the brainchild of German born Australian Entrepreneur Heinrich Haussler, who together with musician and music...

The fear of sounding stupid – Twice

No one likes to sound stupid. Yet we often do stupid things. At least I seem to anyway. I don't know if it is that I don't think before I talk or because I am thinking of something else while I am talking or because I'm to listening in on another conversation while...

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