Are we asking the right question to the wrong person?

Recently I was the lucky participant in a presentation about self managed superannuation. After the initial 30 minute explanation about how self managed super works, it was my turn to ask some questions. After a few questions about the benefits of self managed superannuation, I thought I might check out the presenters qualifications and experience.

“So, how does your self managed superannuation work?” After a big pause the presenter quietly replied. “I um, don’t have a self managed super fund”.

If you want to be a millionaire, who is the best person to ask ‘how’ to become a millionaire? Obviously ask a millionaire.

Often people ask their friends, how do I sell CD’s or how do I get gigs, but many resort to looking on the internet and assume that every answer that someone gives on Facebook is going to be the correct answer.

Before you ask someone a question, you should be asking yourself, am I asking the ‘right’ person. Not necessarily someone that has studied the problem you are trying to solve, but someone who has actually solved the problem and has already been there before.

Often your biggest problem is not what questions to ask, but finding someone with credibility that can give you an honest, genuine answer that comes from their real experiences.

So before you ask someone a question, ask yourself, am I asking the RIGHT person?

Asking the right person will give the best answer to your question