Many times I hear artists discussing how they want to get a recording contract, or how they want to be performing in stadiums or big venues and become famous.

One of the mistakes people make is to forget that life is a journey, not a destination.

When you realise this, it changes how you look at your part in the music industry. Many people become bitter and angry because they haven’t achieved what they want to achieve and miss out on enjoying what they are doing now.

I spoke to a musician recently that has had an amazing career, yet he was so bitter about the music industry, with illegal downloads and overseas competition, he was completely oblivious to all the amazing things he had been doing and is still doing in the music industry.

Treat your career as a journey.

Take in every experience as it happens, and enjoy it.

Don’t make the mistake of missing the most important part of your music career, the journey to your destination.

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