This is another extremely common problem with people starting out in the music industry.

Many people think ‘I just have to write some songs and do some gigs’. And if you want to be a musician or songwriter, that’s all you have to do.

But if you want to start out a career in the music industry, you need to think a lot further ahead.

To be successful you need to develop the same skills that business people use when running any other business. Understanding how to manage your business will give you the best opportunity to actually make a career from your music.

So many people get discouraged thinking that a song, an EP and a few gigs will just snowball into them becoming famous and then they will have all the money in the world. Most other businesses have the same idea and often the reason they don’t do well is because of the lack of business skills, such as understanding how contracts work, how to quote on gigs and functions and how to manage other musicians, insurances and accounts.

Whether you’re a solo artist or part of a band, realising that you are running a business is critical to not just starting your career, but to the long term success of your career.

Start your own music tutoring business

Many musicians NEED a steady consistent income while they build their music career. This program will get you on the road to earning extra income each week from the skills you already have.

Join the 2018 Joeys Oz Music tour to Germany

We are taking a group of musicians from Australia to Germany to perform in some of the coolest venues right accross the country. 

We are also taking groupies that just want to have an experience of a lifetime, mixing music with a unique German tour experience.

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