There is something about the first time that you do something, it makes you feel fantastic. It makes you want to tell people what you have done.

I came first in my maths test or I just completed my first crossfit class.

Music has its own share of firsts that bring with it a massive collection of benefits.

There are so many incredible opportunities that will not only build your confidence but will allow you to see the world in a way that not many people get to experience.

Just after I finished my senior years at school, I was about to start my new career in the photo processing industry. Looking back, it was probably a great idea that I didn’t pursue that particular career. I’m one of those unique people that know how to process 35mm photographic film. Something I will no doubt not need to do in the near future.

Instead of a photo-processing career, I toured Australia. The number of firsts I experienced in one year was absolutely astounding.

We were on the road constantly, performing at hundreds of schools, town halls and churches, in front of thousands of people. Staying with a different family every week and in a different town with incredibly different surroundings.

The firsts just kept coming; the first time in a TV studio in Sydney; first time on a millionaire’s yacht and the first time meeting some of the most amazing people around Australia.

But the real firsts that were the most exciting was when I started writing, recording and performing my own music.

The most exciting day was listening to the radio and hearing a song I wrote playing on the local radio station. It could have been any song playing on the radio, but it was my song, my recording and it actually sounded pretty good. That’s my opinion.

A band that I have worked with regularly over the years will always tell you about the first time they turned up at a gig, played a few covers and a few originals only to have the crowd request some of their originals songs. By the end of the night the crowd was singing along at the top of their voices to at least some of the words of the band’s original songs. This was a huge buzz for them.

This first was one of the most encouraging moments, when you realise, hey, what I wrote is cool and people do like my music.

For you, the firsts will continue to happen, first time in the studio, your first EP or album on sale. The first time you get asked to support a major artist.

My daughter, release an EP in 2013. One of her firsts that she is very proud of was at school when a teacher came up and asked for a signed copy of her EP. This is a musical first that she will always remember.

These things don’t happen to everyone, every day. They happen to people that are willing to put their heart and soul out there and share their musical ideas for people to enjoy.

Take small steps, list as many firsts that you want to achieve and start working through them.

Sometimes you will be knocked back and find things difficult, but the satisfaction of completing your musical firsts will be something you will never forget.