Now that you have completed your recording, released a song, EP or album, you may be thinking, now what?

This is where the reality of being a songwriter and musician start. All the excitement is over and you’re thinking, do I just start this process again and keep going. Well yes, if you enjoyed, if you met fantastic people and if you think this is really what you want to do.

But before you move on.

Take a look at what you have achieved. Think about all the firsts you have completed and all the places and experiences you have had.

Make a list of everything you have experienced, and the name of a new person you came into contact with. Take your time, there’s no hurry to make the list.

Once you have completed this list, make a list of places, people and experiences you still want to see, meet and do.

Then using your new found knowledge and experience, see where you could go with what you have done. It may be that you want to do some gigs interstate or go on a tour or any number of exciting music related activities.

This is the time to challenge yourself.

Set some goals that are achievable but that you haven’t done before and then set some goals that are a bit more extreme.

When I was 18, I wrote a full page of about 48 things I wanted to do. Last check on my list I have two items left to do.

One is read the Bible from beginning to end. I did try a few times, got as far as Exodus but hopefully will get further next time.

My other goal left to do is perform in front of  50’000 people. As it so happens, a friend of mine did that when she was 15, so I know it can be done. Just need to bump up the Facebook friends and get everyone to turn up at the gig.

With those two exceptions, I completed all the other activities.

My new list includes the 50’000 audience gig, but it also includes some pretty big and extremely exciting new things to do.

What I have found when challenging myself, is to remember it is not all about me. The more I can help others, improve the lives and careers of others and still achieve my goals, the more gratifying the goals are.

Make those big challenging goals, write them down and tell people about them. The more people know, the more it pushes you to achieve them.

You will find that as crazy as some of the goals may be, people want you to succeed. They get excited hearing what you are doing and want to follow your journey and see where you end up. As a musician or singer/songwriter your journey is also your fans journey.

This is your opportunity to continue on the road trip of a recording artist..

Put down the air guitar and put away the hair dryer.

Get out there and make it happen.

Make it great for you and fantastic for your fans.