Check if your band website name is available.

You don’t want to miss out on your-band-name .com Grab it now while it is still available.

This two part series will:
Part 1. Help you register your website for $200US
Part 2. Setup your first template.

So you have a band or your are an artists and someone said you need a website. Now that is sort of true that you need a website. As an artist or performer it can really help if you have some type of presence on the internet. In fact it can be incredibly useful to have your music and information online, Facebook, Soundcloud or any other digital community.

What is important though, is that you have a place on the internet that you are in control of. Facebook or any other social media could remove your profile, or change the way they work or change how they display content and you can’t do anything about it.

But with your own website, you have control. You can change anything you like on the site and you decide how it works.

Lets assume you already have all of the information below.

  • Band/artist name
  • Management Contact details
  • Chosen a domain name (
  • Photos of the band.artist performing
  • Professional photos
  • A list if up-coming gigs
  • Band/artist biography
  • Recordings of the band
  • Videos of the band

Just as a reminder, I’m sure that you would have already checked that someone else doesn’t have the same band/artist name that you plan to use. It makes things so much more difficult if you have the same name as someone else. You are not just making it harder for yourself, but also for the other band/artist. Also be carful of trademarks. You can check at the top or bottom of this page if your band name website is available.

Let’s get into setting up your website.

Registering your website

One of the best places to have your website hosted is BlueHost. There are three important reasons.

  1. Easy to setup to get started.
  2. Free SSL (your site is more secure).
  3. Great price.

You will also need to have your payment details ready.

Click below to setup your web hosting and domain name.


This is an affiliate link and I may earn some income from the use of this link. You will not be charged any extra for using this link.
  • Select the Basic plan
  • Enter a new or existing domain name
  • Select either 12 or 24 months
  • Complete your payment

Once completed you will receive an email from blue host.

Welcome to Bluehost!

In the email select ‘Change your password’

(Take note of your username from the email as you will need this)

An email will be sent to you to set your initial password.

Update your password then login to BlueHost.

You can now install WordPress by going to and selecting the Install WordPress link.

Select WordPress - music website -

Go through the steps to install WordPress.

Be patient as it takes a little while to setup WordPress.

Once you have completely installed WordPress you can now get started on your band website.

A panel will appear at the top of the screen with your installation details.

Write them all down including the http:// link.

Bluehost - installation successful - music website - .

Click on the http:// link and you should now have a username/password screen to enter your WordPress username and password.

Welcome to WordPress - music website -

You are now ready to setup your theme and add all your content to your website.

Part two just about ready to go…. 

Check if you band name is available below.

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