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You need a website for your band but it all seems too complicated…..

Hopefully this will make it easier for you to get your website all up and running.

There are so many options but here is my process to get it up and happening reasonably quickly.

  1. Record some awesome music
  2. Upload 2 tracks of your music to soundcloud
  3. Record at least 2 videos of you or your band performing
  4. Upload two videos to youtube
  5. Complete your Music BIO – see here…
  6. Register for Bluehost WordPress
  7. Buy Div
  8. Download and install this template
  9. Replace all the images in the templates with the ones I have provided
  10. Good to go

Bookmark this page, then complete each step before continuing. There is no use continuing each step without the one before. I should know, I always want to skip to the fun parts or to the end, but seriously. That’s why you miss the important things and wonder why it is not working or is difficult to complete.

What is it going to look like when we finish?

#1 Record some awesome music

Step one to this process is sort of obvious, but some people start by creating a website hoping their music will be good enough if the website looks awesome. If the music isn’t awesome then the website isn’t going to make your music ‘look’ good.

Please make sure you have great, quality music to present on your website. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune recording your music in a pro studio, but it does mean your music has to be well above the average beginner quality.

Here is information to help you get started recording your music: Recording awesome music 

#2 Upload 2 tracks of your music to soundcloud

Go to soundcloud.com

Create a Souncloud account and upload at least two of your songs.

We will use these later in your website.

#3 Record two videos

These don’t have to be professionally recorded.

Use your current mobile phone if you have to.

If you are a band, play along with your recording and record a video.

Make the video suit the song. Have fun, be creative and keep it simple.

Example Video 1: Below is an example of a video we recorded for the Joeys Oz Music Tour Band

Example Video 2: Above is an example of a second video we recorded for the Joeys Oz Music Tour Band

Upload to Youtube

Next you need to upload you videos to Youtube.

To do this, create a Google account if you don’t have one.


Then create a youtube channel if you don’t already have one

Upload your two videos to youtube.

You will need these later for your website.

#4 Prepare your images

You will also need a collection of at least 10 really good images of your band to use on the website. One sugggestion is to pay a photographer to turn up at some of your gigs and take as many phots as they can. Usually you get a few really awesome photos, especially if they a re a good photographer that has experience taking band/music photos. Well worthe the expense and often a lot cheaper than you think.


  • Your images need to be reduced in size down to 1600px by 1200px or at leas 1600px by ?
  • Large image of you or your band as a banner: 1920px by 1280px at 75dpi.

#5 Complete your music bio and resources sorted

Go here to find out what to write. https://xsnoise.com.au/musicbio

Your music bio will be used to create the content for your website.

You will also need the following images in these sizes.

  • Ask fans for reference. A short quote about what they thought of your show. This is invaluable as social proof that people enjoy your band.

#6 Register for web hosting

You need somewhere to put your website. Bluehost is one of the premium choices for WordPress Hosting.


WordPress is a platform that makes creating a website easier.

Choose a domain name while going through the new website creation process.

#7 Buy DIVI

DIVI is a theme created by Elegant Themes.

This theme has some special features that make it awesome to work with. Nearly all my websites use the Divi theme as it is the best I have found so far and it has the best visual editor.

Once you have bought the Divi theme you will need to download the two packages to install.

  1. Download the DIVI Theme ZIP file
  2. Download the DIVI Builder ZIP Plugin

Install the Theme

In WordPress Admin – Select Appearance > Theme 

Install key for DIVI updates!

#8 Install this template

This template has been created especially for you to speed up your music site creation.

Once installed I will step you through how to customise the theme to work for you.

#9 Replace all the images and resources with your own images and resources

Add the following pages:


Home (if it does not already exist)



Shows: (or gigs or calendar)


Gear: (if appropriate)

Store: (if appropriate)


Lyrics: (if appropriate)


Instructions on what to replace



By Now you should have a shiny new website ready to impress your fans and just as importantly you can go back to writing, recording and performing more music. Below is what you website should look like except that it will have your videos, phot’s and profiles.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.”
This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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