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 One of the most exciting moments in when you hear you own song played on the radio. I can still remember many times when I was in the car and suddenly a songs I wrote comes on the radio. I remember hearing a song called ‘Ice Girl’ that I co-wrote and recorded being played on the radio. I had just pulled into an underground car park when the DJ introduced the song. I quickly grabbed my phone out and recorded the whole song as well as the DJ’s comments about the song after it had finished. Although I had heard the song a thousand times during writing and recording, it still sounded really cool to know that it was on a commercial radio station.

How to get your song on the radio

So how do you get your song on the radio?

Step 1: Ask.

Like most things, we think there is a complicated process that you have to go through to do something, but in actual fact it is often a lot easier than you think.

Go down to your local community or commercial radio station. Introduce yourself and leave a copy of your songs for them to listen to. Let them know that you are available for an interview if they would like to discuss your songs with you and leave it with them.

Nine times out of then they will take your music and forget about you. But at least they know you know. 

Next song you release, repeat the process….

So, step two. Ask you friends and family members to request your songs. Pick your favorite song and ask everyone you know to ring the station and ask if they can play your song.

For a radio station, the listeners are extremely important, and if they are asking for a particular song, then the presenter will want to find your song to play. If you have already dropped a copy of your music to the station then it will be much easier for them to start laying your music.

The preferred format by most stations is a Wave or .wav file on a USB or via DropBox or a similar download format. Do not email the music as it will either not arrive or probably be ignored.

Have a brief press kit with basic information about you and your music available as . This allows the presenters to provide useful information when they play your music.

In Australia it is worth checking with The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (AMRAP) to see if you music may be appropriate to submit through their services. AMRAP has tools that can send your music out to many Community Radio Stations.   

Be realistic too. There are so many songs that the Music Director or Program Manager at a station could play, and your music is just a small part of a much bigger picture.

To stand out and appeal to a radio station, you need to get out there, play gigs, attract fans and make sure your music is radio ready, high quality and great to listen too. Many radio stations are community based. so the more they see and hear you involved in the community, the more they can use those opportunities to talk about you and play your music.


  • Have you songs on a CD or USB
  • Drop them off at your local radio stations
  • Ask friends and family to request your songs
  • Ask if you can be interviewed on the radio
  • Prepare a basic bio/press kit about your music
  • Provide your music in .WAV format by digital download