How to: 3 Day Crash Course on songwriting

Follow a step by step course as we write a song from scratch.

Welcome to ‘How to write a songs in three days’, the XSNoise songwriting series with Christopher Richter. I will take you through the songwriting process and teach you one way that you can write a songs. There are many more different process and systems that you can use to write songs. This course only covers one ways to write.

There isn’t a right or a wrong way to create a song. But there is a way to make it easier for you to write.

This course takes you through the lyric writing process, choosing chords for your song and then creating a melody for the song. A final recorded version of the song is available at the end for you to hear the end result. I have also provided a backing of the music incase you would like to try your own lyrics and melody over the music.

The song below is the final recording of what you will learn how to write. 

What you will learn

  • How to write a song from start to finish.


  • You should be interested in writing your own songs.

Target students

  • Anyone who wants to learn the basics about writing a song and discover how to remove some of the complexities of writing a song..

Chris Richter

Chris Richter

Musician | Composer | Producer | Performer

Christopher Richter is in inspiring and motivating music mentor who is helping launch the careers of aspiring singer songwriters and musicians from rural Australia. Christopher has a passion for people to achieve their dreams, let it be their first song on the radio, first single, first sale on itunes  first time selling their very own CD. He has over 20 years experience in multiple roles within the music industry. Chris has worked with artists from releasing their first songs, recording their EP and moving on to recording contracts, performing at major Australian Festivals and in competitions such as the voice Australia, touring in Australia and overseas as well as starting their own music business.

How to: 3 Day Crash Course on songwriting

Includes new section covering why the 4 techniques for choosing the chords.