I heard a great saying recently that really made me think about what I do and why I do things.

“If you are procrastinating about doing something, then you are doing (or trying to do) the wrong thing”.

Often there a things that we keep putting off. We know we should get these things done, but we just don’t want to do them. I’m not talking about cleaning your room or washing the dishes, you should do these things anyway. I’m talking about the things at work or in music that you keep putting off that need to be done but you just keep pushing them to the back of the priority list.

For example, say you have a band and you love playing music, love writing songs and love to record in the studio but dislike the paperwork or working with venues to organise things. So you keep putting off the paperwork and putting off organising the gigs with venues. What do you think will happen? Obviously you will have no gigs, therefore no money and as a result you don’t have to do the paperwork.

So the clever musician may think they have just solved the problem of not wanting to do the paperwork. But in reality what you are procrastinating about is not a job that you should be doing, yet you are trying to force yourself to do. A job that you really shouldn’t be doing. That job should be done by someone who loves paperwork and loves organising gigs. There are actually people out there that love doing these things.

What I have learnt is that if I do the things I love to do, and get other people to do the things that they love to do that I dislike doing, we have an extremely efficient way of completing a task.

If you have a promoter that loves what they do, they will give 100% and will find you great opportunities. If you concentrate on the areas that you love, you will do extremely well.

So procrastination is a good test of whether you should be doing something or not. If you find yourself procrastinating, then find someone that wants to do the task and move on to the tasks that you are passionate about.

This is one very successful way to start enjoying every part of life.

By doing the things you enjoy the most, you will be more motivated to take on bigger and more stimulating challenges. Finding what you don’t like to do is just as important as finding out what you do like to do.

Doing what you enjoy doing will make you a thousand times more efficient than trying to make yourself do what you don’t really want to do.