I have had the opportunity to work with some awesomely talented musicians and songwriters.

Below are a collection of recordings I have either written, recorded or been a significant part of.

Jump on Spotify or iTunes and have a listen to as much of this music as you can, and if you like it, grab a copy from iTunes or order the physical CD.

Let me know what you think of the music too….

Soundtrack to Life Pt. 1 Christopher Richter

Chris Richter

Genre: Easy Listening

Released: October 03, 2015

Jasmine Richter

Genre: R&B/Soul

Released: November 25, 2013

Luke Turner

Genre: Pop

Released: October 18, 2015

Megan Longhurst

Genre: Alternative

Released: October 05, 2015

Mikaela Mepham
Genre: Jazz/Pop/Instrumental
Released: January 05, 2015

You can also buy the physical CD $15AU including postage

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