Musicians that want to experience music

We work with pre-professional musicians to get out and experience making music and performing music. Just because you can.

The Book

How to Write your first song (course)

How to preform your first song (Blog article)

How to record your first song (Course)

How to get your song on the radio (Blog Article)

How to organise a radio interview (Course)

How to perform live on radio (Course)

How to record your first EP (course)

How to release your first EP (Course)

How to organise your own gig (Blog)

How to give back to the community (Blog)

The Songwriters Bucket List

There are hundreds of life changing experiences that you can have when you start to live the life of a musically creative individual. There are 10 core experiences that you have to have as a musician or singer songwriter/performer. Each of these experiences will help you grow musically but more importantly to grow as a human being, you will meet amazing people, go to amazing places and discover a world that is far greater than you ever imagined. This book takes you through the first 10 expereiences that every songwriter should experience. From writing your first song, to going into a real recording studio for the first time. Hearing your song on the radio and experiencing your first radio interview.


  1. Writing your first song ( where do I start?)
  2. Performing your first song (will anyone like my music?)
  3. Recording your first song (the magic recording studio)
  4. Hearing your song played on radio for the first time (Airplay)
  5. First radio interview (The terrible um…)
  6. Recording your first EP (now there is 5)
  7. Releasing your first EP ( will anyone buy it?)
  8. Your first real gig (Check, one, two)
  9. Performing live on radio (Radio pannick)
  10. Your first opportunity to give back (supporting a worthy cause)
Chris Richter is a music mentor, inspiring, motivating and launching the careers of aspiring singer songwriters. Chris has a passion for people to achieve their ‘firsts’, first song on the radio, first single, first sale on iTunes and first time someone bought their CD. With over 20 years experience working with artists from releasing their own songs to recording contracts, performing at major Australian festivals, touring and starting their own music businesses.

Songwriters Bucket List

Understanding Chords

The Songwriting Series ‘Understanding Chords’ will give you an understanding of how music is structured. It is a guide to how contemporary music is formed in a way that makes songwriting easier, faster and more intuitive.

Understanding Chords will help you discover, in a straight forward and concise manner, how you can create your own music to support your lyrics.

Developed by Chris Richter, with over 7 years of one on one music teaching experience and over 20 years of performance experience, you will discover how easy it is to create your own music.

How to Write your first song

The Songwriting Series ‘How to write your first song’ will give you an understanding of how to create a contemporary song.

How chords, lyrics and music fit together and how you can create your won song.

A complete example of how we wrote a song is included in the course.

Listen to the final song below.

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