Supporting musicians and songwriters to create and perform amazing music

Hi, I am Chris Richter and I am extremely passionate about helping you create great music. Are you a song writer, performer or musician, I want to see you succeed at creating awesome music.

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Or checkout the courses on ‘Understanding Chords‘ and ‘How to write a song in 3 days‘.

Need help professionally recoding your first song. 


Free contemporary band score for Funkit

Free for music teachers. Includes guitar parts, bass guitar, drums and lead guitar tab. Free to use in class and photocopy for students.

Just back from a tour of Germany. We spent 24 days touring, performing and experiencing Europe. We met awesome people, got to see amazing countryside and to make it even better performed at some unique and interesting venues. Christopher Richter

Latest Update, 15 September 2017

Start your own music tutoring business

Many musicians NEED a steady consistent income while they build their music career. This program will get you on the road to earning extra income each week from the skills you already have.

Removing the fear

Have you ever wanted to climb Mount Everest or fly to the moon? Probably on your list of ‘that would be cool but maybe slightly on the impossible side'? Have you ever thought, 'Why would I want to climb Mount Everest', someone has already done that? In every person...

Yes, you can sing!

When we first met, we talked about a song he had written and how he would like to record it and find someone to sing on the recording. So a demo of the song arrived and we started working on the music and arrangement for a song called The Five Stars. Now normally I...

Soundtrack to Life Part 1 by Chris Richter

Soundtrack to Life is the music I play when no one is listening. Light a candle. Put on your headphones. Turn out the lights. Relax and breathe… Each track has it’s own story, now everything should make sense. Track 1 – Taken: Being from a family with two sets of...

How to get everything done – now!

How am I going to get all of this done? I ask myself these questions constantly. I want to release another album, record another five albums, co-write, write a music training course, organise a songwriting cruise, write some more songs, spend more time in the studio...

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