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XSnoise is where I write about my music industry discoveries and experiences.

There are so many exciting and interesting opportunities out there for musicians and anyone interested in music technology that I wanted to share these discoveries in the hope that it helps you with your musical journey..

My music story started when I first toured Australia full time straight out of high school and the music adventure has never stopped.

I hope you find the articles useful and please feel free to visit if you would like to check out so music.

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Just back from a tour of Germany . We spent 24 days touring, performing and experiencing Europe. We met awesome people, amazing countryside and to make it even better performed at some unique and interesting venues.

Christopher Richter

Latest Update, 15 September 2017

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Removing the fear

Have you ever wanted to climb Mount Everest or fly to the moon? Probably on your list of ‘that would be cool but maybe slightly on the impossible side'? Have you ever thought, 'Why would I want to climb Mount Everest', someone has already done that? In every person...

Yes, you can sing!

When we first met, we talked about a song he had written and how he would like to record it and find someone to sing on the recording. So a demo of the song arrived and we started working on the music and arrangement for a song called The Five Stars. Now normally I...

Soundtrack to Life Part 1 by Chris Richter

Soundtrack to Life is the music I play when no one is listening. Light a candle. Put on your headphones. Turn out the lights. Relax and breathe… Each track has it’s own story, now everything should make sense. Track 1 - Taken: Being from a family with two sets of...

Real Time Education?

For my first post, I thought I would touch on is a subject that has fascinated me for years. Real time online interaction – specifically in education. Often web based interactive education materials are static or involve complicated Flash based development or high end...

Online Education – A pipe dream of wishful thinking?

I notice from many blogs that the trend of thinking from many educators seems to be that people want to study online so that they can learn at their own pace, when they want and how they want (at least that’s how it is advertised). But talking to many students, the...

Is content still king?

Question: Why do people study online? Why do I study online? Why do we use Google? Because we want to find out an answer to a problem. Simple, you have a question, you Google it and you have your answer. Not so simple. Is the answer you found correct? How do I know...

Are we using education technology back to front?

One simple observation: If an educator finds it difficult or time consuming to use a technology to deliver education then logically the student will suffer a similar experience in receiving the education experience. Sometimes things seem to move very slowly in...

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