Everything I saw that day it was perfect,
the way your hair swept, the way your eyes looked
and the way you smiled

Jasmine Richter | Perfect

Now that you have your first 5 songs your EP is ready to release into the wild.

The problem is that there was also another 40,000 or more songs released this year.

Now that’s not a problem if you consider that you didn’t record this EP to make massive sales, you recorded this EP for the experience and to learn about the process.


To release an EP online involves registering your music with an online service. There are many online services that help you register with a large collection of online streaming services in one go.

When you release your EP you want to give s many people as you can the opportunity to hear you music and if they like it, to buy your EP.

Search for ‘sell music online’ and you will find a collection of companies that will let you upload your music to their service and they will digitally distribute your music to most of the major digital streaming and downloading websites like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and many others.

This is at a cost which can be an upfront cost or an annual fee per song or album. Check the details carefully as the fees and costs vary considerably between each company.

The process of promoting your music online is a whole different book and as the process constantly changes it is best to search for music online promotion to find out the best current process to follow.


The most beneficial way to start is by performing your music live.

To do this you can create an EP release event where you perform your songs.

When you do this, don’t just have one EP release event, have lots of them. One in the town of each of your relatives. One in the town you went to school in. One in the town that you lived in 10 years ago. Pretty much anywhere that you know groups of people is worth having an EP release.

And to make it even more fun. Invite other musicians to perform as well. This will put less stress on you to have to play for the whole release and will help out another musician as well.

Make sure you have your EP duplicated and that you have them all packaged and ready to go. There is nothing worse than an EP release without an EP.

These are the steps to take when you are organising your first EP release venue.

  1. Talk to the venue to secure a suitable date
  2. Discuss the costs of using the venue and make sure you know and understand how the venue works in relation to ticketing, number of people and other expenses
  3. Organise a sound system and lights to use at the venue
  4. Organise another artist or two to perform on the night
  5. Organise some helpers to sell your CD’s and other merchandise and ticketing if the venue does not do this for you
  6. Promote the event in every way possible. Don’t assume that FaceBook is the only promotion you need to do.
  7. Rehearse all your songs
  8. Practice what you will say between songs as people like to know about your songs and why you wrote them
  9. Spend time with the audience after your show to talk, take selfies and sign your EP
  10. Organise a photographer and videographer to record your performance

As there are many parts to organise an EP release, find a few close friends that have the time and are keen to help out and give them some jobs to do. This will reduce the pressure on you and make it more fun to organise.