Some awesome products that I use when writing, recording and performing.

Logix Pro X

Logix Pro X is my primary DAW. The reason is that I write music using the DAW. Writing music is so much easier in Logix Pro X than it is in Pro Tools. If I was recording only, I would use Pro Tools. But becuase I write music, I find Logic Pro X so much better to use.

Presounus 44VSL

I use this interface all the time for both studio and live recording. 4 Channel input, headphone monitoring and studio outputs for the studio speakers.

Behringer 1202FX Mixer

This little mixer has seen many pub gigs, recordings and private functions. For a duo, trio or even solo gigs, this mixer has been my go to mixer. It is also a great spare mixer just incase the digital mixer dies.

Macbook Pro

I still have a Windows computer but for recording, my Macbook Pro has rarely every crashed and ‘just works’. For commercial or hobby audio work, this is the best choice. Years of windows drivers, updates and issues have all dissapeared. I’m happy now….



The Mevo camera has been awesome fo so many projects and will feature even more in the next tour of Germany where we will be recording all of our shows and live streaming.


Note: All of the software above I have used on many projects and found that they did the job for what I needed. Your needs may be slightly different so do your research before purchasing. Some of these links are affiliate links which mean I may earn some income from any orders.

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