Some awesome products that I use when writing, recording and performing.



Note: All of the software above I have used on many projects and found that they did the job for what I needed. Your needs may be slightly different so do your research before purchasing. Some of these links are affiliate links which mean I may earn some income from any orders.

OnSong iPad App
I use OnSong to display the chords and lyrics on my iPad for live performances especially as I perform with so many different musicians. I can key change songs quickly, save custom sets for different nights and it provides me with the tempo for each song. Awesome Product!

Logic Pro X
Being a Mac user, I have always used Pro Tools for recording music. Over the last few years, spending more time writing I have found that Logic Pro X has been a much better choice for song writing and developing ideas. It’s fast and simple to use as a song writing tool. When it comes to mixing and mastering, I still prefer to use Pro Tools. If you are a song writer, Logic Pro X is definitely my recommendation.