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Some awesome products that I use when writing, recording and performing.

MAC Applications

Pro Tools is the indsutry standard for recording studio DAW (Digitial Audio Workstations). I grew up using ProTools and recommend it for nearly every recording studio. I still use ProTools, with Logic Pro X as described in this article.

Logix Pro X is my prmary DAW. The reason is that I write. Writing music is so much easier in Logix Pro X than it is in Pro Tools. If I was recording only, I would use Pro Tools. But becuase I write music, I find Logic Pro X so much better to use.

Note: All of the software above I have used on many projects and found that they did the job for what I needed. Your needs may be slightly different so do your research before purchasing. Some of these links are affiliate links which mean I may earn some income from any orders.

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