Funkit – Complete music score and lead sheets


Key: A Minor

Tempo: 150bpm

  • Lead Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drums

Lead gutar backing track at

If you are a music teacher and would like backing tracks for drums and bass. Please contact me at

FREE music score for Education Organisations


Especially for music teachers only.

Register here to download a free PDF of the FUNKIT Guitar TAB, Bass Guitar and Drum parts.

Valued at $30.

Thank you for being awesome music teachers and bringing music to the next generation.

Christopher Richter

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Guitar TAB, Bass Guitar and Drum score

Complete guitar TAB, bass guitar and drums for the instrumental ‘Funkit’ written by Christopher Richter.

Licence to allow schools to reproduce copies for the students of the registered school.

Lead Guitar (TAB), Bass Guitar and Drums.

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