Soundtrack to Life is the music I play when no one is listening.

Light a candle. Put on your headphones. Turn out the lights. Relax and breathe…

Each track has it’s own story, now everything should make sense.Track 1 – Taken: Being from a family with two sets of parents brings its own challenges. Both families are fantastic, but at times you feel like you’re stuck in the middle, taken from one emotion to the next, unknowingly pressured in different ways. Where do you really belong? This music is the feeling of being pulled in different directions. Not sure what is the right or wrong thing to do, just wanting to keep everyone happy, while not sure where you really fit in.


Track 2 – Hidden: Inspired by the lyrics my younger sister wrote about locking your feelings away, keeping them hidden. Hiding the key so that you forget where it is because you don’t want to unlock the door and find out what is really inside.

Track 3 – Next: This is just there because I like the sound of it. It just sounded cool.

Track 4 – Judgement: This music is my representation about how things can change dramatically in your mind. Things are going along well then something small happens. Your mind goes into defensive mode and a small becomes a Game of Thrones war scene. Nobody has any idea of this massive internal war that is ragging on in your thoughts, purely created by you. Escalating quickly in your mind yet the whole time, everyone else is completely unaware.

Track 5 – Safe Haven: Safe Haven is my walk in the forest. No reason, no rhyme, just my time to breathe and relax, not focusing on anything in particular. Hear the trees, see the wind, no agenda, no plan and no hurry to be anywhere.

Track 6 – Morning: This music was inspired by the realisation that there is a whole other world of people out there that we rarely see. They see the sun going down as the start of their day. Their morning is our night. The moon is their sun. They work and live in the opposite time than the rest of society.

Track 7 – Home: Home is just about being at home, watching my family grow up. Wondering what they are going to do for the rest of their life. Very proud of who they are, being a part of their life, seeing them experience new and exciting things, discovering the world and discovering life.

Track 8 – Running: This is for Sharon. I get distracted really easily. My mind is running 150% with ideas and things that I could do. Sometimes I get so lost in so many things that I need to re-focus. Running back is taking the time to sit down with my wife, take a reality check and a coffee. Focusing on what I am really trying to do.

Track 9 – Stand: In life there are so many ups and downs, triumphs, failures, times when you feel good and times when you feel bad. But then there is that one person that stands out. They are so consistent in who they are that you measure right and wrong by that person. This is the person that you know God is extremely proud of.

Track 10 – In this Place: This is how I feel now. Content with who I am. The place I am in feels good. All the pieces seem to make sense. Everything I have been through in my life has made me who I am, I am content. I am in this place.