It is essential that you build a network of people around you that have the skills that you need.

As a a sound engineer for many bands, I found that most artists tended to treat me reasonably well. They knew that I was the one that could make them sound great or sound very ordinary.

No matter what your part is in music, at different times you will have to rely on other people. Get used to that and work on building a great team that will support you and knows where you are coming from.

Many artists end up with their family members and parents involved in the process because they know they can rely on them to be there. There is nothing wrong with doing that, especially since your biggest fans are usually your family.

If you try to do it on your own you will struggle, because music is an experience that needs to be shared and needs to be continually supported to keep it alive.

The worst gigs I ever did were ones where I was performing as a solo artist, without any other band members or support crew. I now make sure I drag another musician or performer with me even if it is just to give them experience in performing.

On your own is not how music works. Music is an interaction between musicians, singers and the audience, often supported by a production team that makes the whole performance an experience.

Share the experience and remember that nobody ‘makes it’ on their own.