I often wonder, what am I good at and what can I do that will help people? What are my strengths and how can I use them in a good way?

No matter how long I sit there thinking and drawing up ideas on paper (I do that a lot), I often feel like I’m going round in circles.

There’s a true story I heard about recently from one of my relatives.

My aunt was running a garage sale at her house and had a collection of household belongings sitting on the verandah. The usually process for a garage sale, up really early, get the tables out, open the boxes and spread out the contents for sale. All those things you bought over the years that at the time you thought you really needed, but now not so much.

As part of the process, you try to decide how much everything is worth. The $1 table with lots of tiny trinkets including all the McDonalds toys that you have collected for free with the kids meals. Then up to the slightly more expensive items from the kitchen for $5.

I always find it funny that you can have something for 10 cents that is like a huge bargain but the customer still wants a discount. Can you sell me two for 10 cents or I’ll pay 5 cents for it? If I remember correctly, that toy was $19.95 when I bought it 15 years ago.

So as the day wore on, a bit of a breeze picked up. So to keep the A4 pages with the price labels on the table my aunt grabbed a small rock from the garden to sit on the $5 price page so that it didn’t blow away.

Now I don’t know what’s trending at garage sales, (maybe there’s an app for that) but true story, this is what happened. Someone actually walked up, saw the rock with a $5 price tag and said “I’ll take it”. Take what? Oh, the rock? You can have that for free. Oh no, it’s perfect and easily worth the $5 price tag you had on it.

Too often we don’t see the true value in what we have, because to us it doesn’t appear to have a value. We see it as normal, ordinary and not something that we think is valuable to other people.

If you want to discover what you are good at and find your true value, try asking people what it is that they see in you.

Instead of living in your own little world thinking that you know best and you know what your strengths and weaknesses are, ask other people, including relatives. Try to get them to be honest.

How does this help you?

If you are a musician you may have thought that everyone loved your music just because you look so good and you have an awesome voice. But the true value of what you do could be in the lyrics of the songs you write that mean so much to everyone. Knowing this means you can concentrate on the area that really helps people. Less time in front of the mirror and more time writing amazing lyrics.

Or maybe you don’t know what style of music really suits you. Ask people what songs you sing, speak the most to them. You will soon discover where your true value is.

Other people can identify the true value in you way better than you can, you just need to ask.

Instead of trying to ‘discover’ what you are good at, ask someone. You will be extremely surprised at what people say.

And yes, the customer did buy the $5 garden rock.

Often we don’t see what we are doing wrong with our music career. Why is it difficult to find fans or what am I doing wrong, what can I do better. If you are looking for a totally independent analysis of where you are at as an artist, send a bio and your profile links and I will give you a totally independent view of where the issues might be and what strengths you have that may help with your music career. It would be great to hear your story.