Looking into your reflection, what do you see?
Megan Longhurst | Ice Girl

Singer songwriters and musicians in general are an interesting breed of people.

We are a mixture of emotions, creativity, often eccentric and always unpredictable.

There is a sort of funny mixture between reality and fantasy where a songwriter or musician doesn’t always seem to have their feet on the ground. This can cause some really interesting instability about who you really are. If someone makes a positive comment about you or a song, then your motivation increases dramatically. If someone says something negative about your music, then you often withdraw, stop writing, and wonder if you are doing the right thing.

Having worked with so many musicians and singers over the years, I can guarantee that above all they are mostly genuine and want to see the best in people and in the world.

But, before you take this journey too far into the world of being a singer songwriter, it would be really wise to find out who you are.

How can you find out’ who you are’ if over time you change? Let’s just look at who you are right now.

Knowing who you are will give you confidence, direction and will make your experience as a musician so much more enjoyable.

How do we go about discovering who you are?