There are people that put in a little bit of effort into life and then there are those that just don’t know when to stop. These are the people I love to work with.

Let me introduce you to Luke Turner. Luke not only works hard but he plays hard. In between working at Inverell Motorcycles, Luke manages to study a bachelor of Business majoring in International Business and write music and record an EP. What’s even more amazing is that he also manages to make time for his girlfriend 🙂

Let me say a massive congratulations to Luke Turner on the release of his first EP TAKEN.

TAKEN is a collection of acoustic guitar solo and duo instrumentals. Luke has been playing guitar for many years as a hobby and when the discussion came around to original music, Luke jumped at the chance to get into a recording studio and see what he could do.

Songs like Running and Forgotten time explore the percussive side of Luke’s music, influenced by John Butler and Tommy Emmanuel.

To complete the EP is a collection of more melodic guitar duo arrangements. Every song has a story but the biggest story in Luke’s words ‘I feel like a pro now’ and so you should.

It can be a long process writing and recording and I am very proud of every musician, performer and artists that takes on the challenge to create their own music history.

Not everyone has their own original music on iTunes but if you work hard and play hard – you could be the next Luke Turner and have your songs available to the world.

Work hard, Play hard

Congratulations Luke and I look forward to writing some more tunes with you and hope that everyone has the opportunity to hear your music and be inspired by what you have done.

So the final question – Luke, where can I get your EP?

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