When we first met, we talked about a song he had written and how he would like to record it and find someone to sing on the recording. So a demo of the song arrived and we started working on the music and arrangement for a song called The Five Stars. Now normally I receive demo’s that are pretty rough and the vocals are usually just enough to give me an idea of what the lyrics and melody are. But this demo track was a little different. Introducing singer, songwriter, recording artists Dennis Russell. There was no denying that the person to sing this song on the final recording had to be Dennis. Now Dennis hasn’t been into a recording studio before but by take number 7, he had it nailed. Working with Dennis and hearing the stories surrounding the song The Five Stars, has been an incredible experience and I would like to thank Dennis for taking me on this journey. Dennis should be very proud of the end result, especially as he is donating part of the proceeds to Mates 4

Mates. http://mates4mates.org 

Dennis Russell – “The five stars”

The passion that Dennis puts into the lyrics and into his vocal version of this song added so much meaning and integrity, this is one studio session I will remember. Congratulations Dennis. Please support Mates 4 Mates by purchasing both an online version of the song from iTunes and a CD directly from Dennis, better still, ask Dennis to sign the CD for you, this could become a collectors item. If you have trouble getting a copy of the CD let me know and I help you chase up a copy. Congratulations Dennis, and yes, you can sing.