When it comes to the music industry, there are lots of important people involved. Pretty much everyone thinks they are the most important person in the process. But if you look at what most of the people working in the industry do, they still rely on the existence of songs.  Without the songs they cannot record, promote, tour or do any of the hundreds of jobs that follow in the footsteps of the songwriter. If nobody wrote the songs, the music industry would not exist.

The music industry is so reliant on the songwriters, yet many people do not even know who writes most of the songs. Generally the performers get the accolades and are the ones that receive the most recognition. If you are the songwriter and the performer then you get the best of both worlds.

So when you may be feeling a little unimportant, or you are hassled by a person in the music industry that thinks they are the most important person, give them a friendly reminder that, without you, the songwriter, they could be working at a fast food outlet or not even working at all.